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Gillespie County Historical Museum Grounds

   Hill Country Master Gardeners have recently helped build a beautiful herb garden on the grounds of the Gillespie County Historical Society. The area directly south of the historic Fassel – Roeder home had been the site of an unsightly utility building until just a few months ago. Once the building was removed the area looked better, but became a low, weedy spot prone to standing full of water after rains.   
   Master Gardeners have been working with Historical Society volunteers for several years to keep the Society’s shrub and flower beds healthy and well groomed. Several of us had talked about the possibility of constructing a kitchen herb garden just outside the back door of the Fassel – Roeder house. We felt it would fit in well in that area of the grounds and provide additional information to visitors.
   With the donation of railroad cross ties by a Historical Society member and soil left over from renovations to the grounds, the herb garden plan took shape. Historical Society volunteers and HCMGs worked together to construct and plant the bed in mid May, 2010. The plants have settled in beautifully and are growing well. Each plant is labeled with a large metal plant label, easily readable from the perimeter of the bed. Visitors to the Historical Society grounds can often be seen pausing to look at the bed, walking around it to read the plant labels and photographing the area.

   Those of us who worked in constructing the herb garden make it our first stop when we meet twice monthly to work on the grounds. Seeing the garden thrive gives us a real sense of accomplishment, and seeing others enjoy it, too, is just “icing on the cake.”

   Visit the Pioneer Museum now (April 2014) to see the herb garden at its best.  Happy HCMG volunteers  are proud of their work.  This photo shows the garden with smooth river stones used as plant labels.





   Pioneer Museum volunteers prune and clean out beds around the Historical Society in preparation for spring.

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