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   Members Only: Volunteer Opportunities

2015 Approved Projects and Volunteer Opportunities
Looking for ways to earn your hours?
This list is current as of January 2015

In Kerr County:

Gillespie County:

Glory Garden   Pam Umstead, Meg Scott-Johnson
HCMG Demonstration Garden   Barbara Elmore
Hill Country CARES Gardens   Meg Scott-Johnson
Hunt School Discovery Gardens   Connie Townsend
Hunt School Rainwater Catchment   Bernadell Larson

Gillespie County Pioneer Museum   Kathy Lewis
Good Samaritan Center   Peggy Benson
Dr. John Lipe Memorial Garden   Joyce Studer
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church   Pat McCormick

Bandera County:

Kendall County:
Bandera Boys and Girls Club   Sue Hall
Bandera County Library Garden   Jan Grimes
The Medina Garden Patch, MISD   Leigh Thomas
Kendall Women's Shelter   Chris Seifert, Sarah White

HCMG Exhibit/Information Booth
  Volunteers at our booth are the smiling face of HCMG at many public events each year. Members can sign up to be a part of this activity on VMS.  If you know of an event where you think the booth should be displayed, please contact Information Booth Coordinator, Pam Umstead

HCMG Greenhouse
Volunteers gain practical experience in plant selection and cultivation. Opportunities in plant care include potting, watering, labeling, deadheading, grooming, detection of pests and diseases as well as some maintenance. Operations begin in January and run through May.   Sandy Lewis, Coordinator


Demonstration Garden
   Work in the garden is done by four teams of volunteers. If you are interested in joining a team, contact Barbara Elmore

Horticulture Inquiry, Phone Desk
   Interns are given preference during the summer, but    volunteers are always needed

Market Days
   Volunteers will be needed on the fourth Saturday beginning in April through early summer

Rain Barrel Project
Rain barrel work days are announced at meetings and are listed on the website calendar

Education Committee
   Volunteers are needed beginning in August or September
Jr. Master Gardener Program  
Work with school-aged children to teach a love of gardening and environmental awareness through horticultural activities

   Mentor volunteers are needed each fall for new students

Speakerís Bureau
   Have a specialty gardening presentation?
Scholarship Committee
   Primarily focused at beginning/ending of semesters
HCMG Website
Have experience with websites or want to contribute info?

Refer to the Officers and Chairs list for names of those who can answer any questions you have regarding these projects..


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