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I live on a hill, and drainage is a problem that I have finally solved.
                                         Carolyn, HCMG 

  Carolyn's Garden  
                                                                              A French Drain
   My house is on the side of a hill; therefore, I get drainage from both the back and the side. From the back, the water drains down to the back corner of my house. I had a gutter installed across the back to divert the roof drainage on one end to the side of the carport. In order to direct the run-off away from the house and, at the same time, retain some of it, I (all by myself) dug a French drain along the side of the driveway.

   For weeks I had pots of dirt lining the driveway. My neighbor kindly took all the excess dirt and returned the empty pots. The channel was competed and the pots removed.  Since I had no outside faucet on that side of the driveway and had the channel already dug for the drain, I had a water line installed in the channel and a spigot installed next to the house.


   I then lined the channel with landscape fabric, filled it with gravel, and wrapped the landscape fabric over the top of the gravel.  Just as I was beginning to cover the top of the drain, it started to rain, so the center photo shows the drain only partially covered. When the remaining drain was covered, the final steps were putting an extension on the gutter and placing some bricks to hold it in place and direct the flow out over the drain. The only thing remaining is getting the driveway power-washed to remove the stains on the drive.
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