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Rain Barrel Sales Project

   Master Gardener Anne Brown teaches Fredericksburg Native Plant Society members how to make a rain barrel            



The rain barrel can be painted to blend in with surroundings

   Our organization builds and sells inexpensive rain barrels to the community. Each rain barrel is made of food grade plastic and is ready to install under a downspout, or if rain gutters are not an option, a rain chain can be attached to the roof and water will flow down into the rain barrel.


   If location for barrels is limited to one or two downspouts, barrels can be connected for use at one downspout. Spray paint recommended for painting on plastic helps the rain barrel blend into the surroundings.
   Rain barrels sell for $50, and because rainwater harvesting materials are tax free in Texas, there is no sales tax.

   A rebate of 50% of the purchase price of rainwater harvesting materials, up to a maximum of $50, is available to Kerr County residents from the Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA)
                      Money earned from the sale of rain barrels supports the HCMG Scholarship program

 You may purchase a rain barrel by calling the Kerr County AgriLife Extension Office at 830.257.6568
Click here for a  printable order form


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