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Aggie Horticulture
   Visit the site beginning with the home page and enter a search term
AgriLife Bookstore
Butterfly Gardening in Central Texas
Butterflies in Bloom (photos)
Butterfly Gardens
Butterflies and Moths of North American   

 Monarch Watch

Cacti & Succulents
Managing Insect Pests on Cacti and Succulents

   The Succulent Plant Page

Don't Bag It, Compost It
Worm Composting
   Garden Fertilizers, PH, and Micronutrients
   Fertilizer Buying Guide
Fruits & Nuts
Best Varieties
Citrus Disease Guide
Home Fruit Fact Sheets
Pests of Peaches, Plums & Pecans

Organic Fruit & Nut Production
Pecans, general information
Pecans, Grafting
Pecans, identifying problems
Starting a Vineyard in Texas
Wine Grapes


   Herbs, Cultivation, Harvesting, Cooking
   Herbs, Info Chart
   Growing Herbs in Texas
   The Herb Society of America

Indoor Gardening
Interiorscape Plants Picture Pages

General Interest
American Horticulture Society    
Botanical Names, Understanding  
Central Texas Gardener, KLRU-TV
Central Texas Horticulture
   Garden Conservancy, The

Garden Forever

Glossary of Gardening Terms
Grow Green Fact Sheets, City of Austin     
National Gardening Association
Native Plant Society of Kerrville
Neil Sperry's Gardens, website
New York Botanical Gardens - Ask an Expert
Plant Press Dictionary of Plant Names, The
Seed Savers Exchange
Texas Gardener, the magazine
Texas Nature Conservancy, The
Texas Wildscapes
US Department of Agriculture


Bed Bugs
The Bug Guide
City Bugs
Earth-wise Guide: Aphids

Earth-wise Guide: Beetles

   Earth-wise Guide: Caterpillars  
Fact Sheets
Field Guide to Common Texas Insects
Fire Ants
Insect Answers

  Low Impact Insect Control
Managing Insects & Pests in Vegetable Gardens
Wasps and Yellowjackets

Invasive Plants
Natural Resources Conservation Services
Texas Dept of Agriculture - Noxious Plants
Texas Forest Service Information
Texas Invasives
Texas Parks & Wildlife - Invasive Aquatic Plants

   Central Texas Invasive Plants

EarthKind Planning & Design
EarthKind Plant Selector
Low Maintenance Landscaping
Texas Urban Landscape Guide

Earthwise Guide to Lawn Care
Turf Answers
Weed Identification and Control
General Information
Easy Gardening, Mulching

Identification & Photos
Mushroom Cultivation

Organic Gardening
Howard Garrett
John Dromgoole
Hortsense, problems & solutions

   A Natural Weed and Feed

   Organic Lifestyles
Organic Pest Controls
Near-Organic & Inorganic Pest Controls

Report on Safety of Roundup Herbicide

   Sustainable Sites Initiative, The
   Sustainable Agriculture

Perennial Plants
Herbaceous Plant Pages
The Irises at Shadowood
Daylilies, Best for South Texas
Ornamental Database

Pests and Disease Control

Diagnosis of Plant Problems
Easy Gardening, Disease Control
Fall Webworms
   Pesticide Fact Sheets
Pesticides and Pest Management
Scale Insects on Ornamental Plants
Snails and Slugs
Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab
White Flies


Plant Lists
All America Selections
Best Annuals
"Deer-Proof" Plants
Native Plants of South Texas
Natives of Texas
Outstanding Vines & Groundcovers

   Outstanding Landscape Plants for Central Texas  
Plants for Pollinators/Southwest Region
Texas Superstars 

Poisonous Plants
Plants Poisonous to Dogs, Cats & Horses
Poisonous Plants
   Toxic Plants of Texas

Public Gardens
Hill Country List
Public Gardens of America
Public Gardens of Texas

Rainwater Harvesting
Efficient Landscape Irrigation
TAMU Rainwater Harvesting
Texas Rainwater Catchment Assoc

Common Rose Diseases
EarthKind Roses
Roses for South Central Texas

   Texas A&M Rose Breeding & Genetics

   Basic Information
County Soil Maps
Soil Sustains Life
Testing, Guide to Collecting Samples

Trees & Shrubs
Ball Moss
Benny Simpsons' Texas Native Shrubs
Crape Myrtle Varieties  
Powdery Mildew on Crape Myrtles
Oak Wilt
Texas Tree Planting Guide
Tree Pruning
Earth-wise Guide to Cotton Root Rot

Recommended Varieties - Choose your county
Canning and Freezing Vegetables
Caterpillar Pests of Vegetables
Container Gardening with Vegetables
Cucurbit Problem Solver
   Easy Gardening:  
Green Beans
Fall Gardening
Hydroponics as a Hobby
Organic Vegetable Production Guide

   Potatoes, Q & A
Seed Information
Square Foot Gardening
Texas Home Vegetable Gardening Guide
Tomato Problem Solver

   Agricultural Drought Task Force
City of Kerrville Water Restrictions
USGS Interactive Drought Map
Efficient Use of Water in the Landscape
Water Matters

Water Gardening
Aqua Plant, a Pond Managers Diagnostic Tool
Water Garden Landscaping

Weed Identification Guide for Turf
Weed Library


   Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Wildflowers In Bloom, Growing & Seed

Xeriscape Gardening
Principles of Xeriscaping
Xeriscape Council of New Mexico

Youth Gardening Activities


Heat Zones

Texas Forest Service 

Texas Master Gardeners Association


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