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Gardening in the Texas Hill Country

Texas mountain laurel    Sophora secundiflora

Articles About Gardening in Central Texas

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Cacti & Succulents Composting

Cacti, Good Choice for the Hill Country

Much a Do About Mulching
Coaxing Christmas Cactus to Bloom Mulch Master
Environmental/Organic Flowering Plants
An Environmentally Friendly Home & Landscape, Pt 1 August Flower Gardening Tips
An Environmentally Friendly Home & Landscape, Pt 2 Dividing Irises
An Environmentally Friendly Home & Landscape, Pt 3 Fall-blooming Lilies
Biomimicry A Tale of Two Lilies
Edible Crop Wall Pruning Roses
Conflicting Priorities Recipe for Roses
Dark Skies Tulipmania
Edible Estates Success with Wildflowers
Green Versus Sustainable Where Have all the Wildflowers Gone?
Insect Balance in Our Gardens, Pt 1 Gardening Methods
Insect Balance in Our Gardens, Pt 2 Don't Toss Those Cuttings
Land Conservancy Trusts Garden Lists
Living Roofs Gardening Made Simple
Living Roofs for the Southwest Gardening in Really Small Spaces
Mushrooms: The Secret Plant Food, Pt 1 Hogging Leaves for the Compost Pile
Mushrooms: The Secret Plant Food, Pt 2 Hydroponics
Nature's Tricks for Gardeners Planting by Moon Signs
Permaculture Solarizing the Soil
Should You Spend Money on Organic? To Live and Die in the Garden
The Vertical Garden Triangular Net Garden Plan
Herbs What's Bugging My Houseplants
Herbs for the Hill Country, Pt 1 Where Would We Be Without Dung Beetles?
Herbs for the Hill Country, Pt 2 Medicinal Plants
Herbs for Cooking Aloe Vera
Sources for Herbs Chia
Nasturtiums Comfrey
St. John's Wort
Landscape and Gardening Tips Pests and Unwanted Plants
Bury the Evidence (Finding the Right Path) Animal Pests
Collector or Arranger? Keeping the Deer Away
The Dead Plants Society 2009 - 2010 Slugs, Snails and Caffeinated Tales
Do - It - Yourself Patio Snakessss!
  Plant Diary 2011: Five Keepers Snakes in the Garden
Thinking Outside of the Box(wood) Weeds, Pt 1
There's More to Grass Than Turf Weeds, Pt 2
Seeds Special Interest
Saving Seeds Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Bats
Starting with Seeds Bring Butterflies in for a Landing
Flight of the Monarch
Trees Growing Grapes in Texas
Oak Wilt Gardening Reference Resources
Powdery Mildew on Crape Myrtles Invasive Plants
Shantung Maple My Favorite Flora Books
Tall Trees of Cibolo Nature Center Our Favorite Plants, Pt 1
Our Favorite Plants, Pt 2
Water Our Favorite Plants, Pt 3
Be a Water-Saver Gardener Tasting Wines
Celebrate Those Water Tanks Toxic Plants of Texas
Drip Irrigation and Soaker Hoses Wildfire Wisdom
How to Make a Rain Barrel Winter Care of Houseplants
Make a Birdbath Guzzler Vegetable and Fruit Gardening
Make-It-Yourself Drip Line Blackberries, Dewberries
A Rain Garden as a Water Feature Planning Your Portable Garden
Reducing Water Use at Home Garlic
Watering Words to the Wise Planting a Peach Tree
When the Rains Come, Pt 1 Tomatoes - What's Spring Got to do With It?
When the Rains Come, Pt 2 Why Do We Grow Vegetables?
All About Bugs by Marilyn Pease, HCMG Monthly Landscape Tips by Kathie Marlow, HCMG
Smooth as Silk(worms) January February
Another Buggy Read March April
A First-hand Encounter with Climate Change May June
No Fleas, Please July August
Chiggers a/k/a Red Bugs Sept October
Common Sense First Aid for Bites and Stings


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