We Can Help

Give us a call . . .
Master Gardener volunteers are available throughout the year to answer questions and provide gardening advice to homeowners over the phone. We can discuss your gardening issues and provide up-to-date, research-based advice. We use a wide variety of resources, including AgriLife Extension publications, A&M Horticulture website information, as well as our well-stocked reference library. When you call 830.257.6568, and a Master Gardener is on duty, you will have the opportunity to explain your problem and will have an answer in a very short time.

Or Come By . . .
You may also stop by the AgriLife office at 3775 Highway 27 East to talk to us in person. Please call first to see if a MG is on duty. You may bring samples of your plants to be diagnosed. Please follow these instructions for bringing samples to the office:

     ■   Bring samples in closed plastic bags clearly labeled with your name and phone number.

     ■   For lawn samples cut a 4” X 4” square from your lawn at the edge between the healthy green and the brown or affected area, including the roots and soil, and put it immediately in a closeable plastic bag to keep any insects in the sample and to keep the sample fresh. The blades should still be attached to the runners and make sure the sample grass is not completely dead.

     ■   For leaf samples cut a piece of a branch that has both healthy and affected parts and put it into a closed plastic bag to keep the leaves from drying out. Keep the leaves on the branch if possible. Leaves should be those that are in the process of being affected rather than leaves that are completely dead. Please note which parts of the plant are being affected, whether lower or upper branches, tips of branches or areas nearest the stem, new growth or old growth, one side of the plant or all over the plant.

     ■   For weed samples it is best to bring in a sample that shows the flower head as well as the seeds to aid in identification.

     ■   For seed samples put samples in closed plastic bags to keep in any insects that might be on the seeds and to keep the sample fresh. Include more than one seed if possible.

If you cannot bring us a sample, you may send us your questions via email to kerr@ag.tamu.edu. When appropriate take close-up photos as well as photos of the entire plant and describe the problem, when you first noticed it, the age of the plant, its growing conditions, i.e. sun or shade, soil, water, etc. Include digital photos with your email if possible. Please be sure to include your phone number.