The Biblical Plant Garden at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church is a unique garden in the Hill Country because it contains only plants that are mentioned in the Bible. Because the climate of the Hill Country is similar to the climate of the Holy Land many of the same plants can survive here as well. Plants in the garden fall into the categories of herbs, vegetables, bulbs, vines, shrubs and trees ─ about 75 plants in all.  A brochure containing a detailed description of the Garden, including its history, is available at the entrance to the Garden for visitors wanting more information.


There are approximately 12 to 15 volunteerswho come to care for the garden once a month on the second Thursday morning. Some are Master Gardeners and others are volunteers who just want to learn more about gardening and the plants of the Bible. It is a great time to share gardening tips and to work together to continue the beauty of the Garden for the many visitors who come to enjoy and learn about the plants. Many of the plants are familiar to the visitors and visitors are always surprised to realize that the plants are mentioned in the Bible.