The Good Samaritan Center in Fredericksburg, Texas is a non-profit agency that provides basic health needs to citizens who would otherwise be unable to afford health care. The Hill Country Master Gardener partnership with Good Samaritan began ten years ago when the Center first opened in a new building and needed landscaping.
    From the very beginning Master Gardener Peggy Benson spearheaded the project, and she suggested that a water-wise landscape would be best.


Plans were made and MG interns and members began work on the project. This involved planting native and adaptive plants in a newly created landscape area with no budget for plants or materials. Local businesses contributed plants, and MG volunteers did the rest. Since that time MG interns and members have contributed many hours maintaining the grounds and working with youth to teach them about plants and their care. The Center has received a Backyard Habitat Certification so some of the work involves providing adequate needs for wildlife.


Today a team of volunteers meets on the third Wednesday of each month to work on the landscape at the Center.