Located at 33 HERFF ROAD in BOERNE, this is an ongoing project that a few of our MG interns have already been involved in. The Inspiration Garden is just that it shows many different plants and ways of taking care of them.  Created with the help of Texas Master
Gardeners, local plant experts, and dedicated volunteers, the Inspiration Garden shows others  what  is  possible  to  grow  and  thrive  in  this  area  of  Texas  using  only  organic methods.

They have only just begun the other gardens to grow vegetables for families. All plots are currently sold out for 2017 and are slowly being set up with drip irrigation. They currently have  one  acre  designated  for  this.  They  are  very  organized  and  helpful  but  they  need hands  to  get  this  really  growing  and  to  be  able  to  handle  all  the  visitors  and children/families.

Project leads will be Chris Snyder and Terry Lashley once they are full MGs. Until then it will be Mickie Cunningham